Federer, Del Potro exhibition matches all set!

If we are excited for Roger Federer’s exhibition matches this December, what more than the man himself?

Roger Federer, for the first time, will visit Argentina  and he cannot wait to spend his time there with his fans.

“If he wasn’t coming now it was going to be difficult [for him] to come to Argentina again.” said Guillermo Marin, of Imagen Deportiva, who brought Roger Federer to Argentina. The idea came about around February of this year and was able to seal the deal by the end of March.

Being a fan of football himself and being friends with various tennis players from ARG, it wasn’t difficult for Federer to accept the deal.

So if you are in Argentina, or is planning to visit Argentina in order to watch this exciting exhibition match, grab a pen and paper and list down “where and when” should you catch Roger Federer during his stay in the city.

Other activities before and after the exhibition match with Juan Martin del Potro will be scheduled, including a visit to “Bombonera” district and perhaps a football match. And of course, his sole request: to eat “asado”.

Roger Federer will arrive in Argentina with his manager, Tony Godsick, and his father, Robert Federer, on December 11 to play two exhibition matches on December 12 and 13. He will then leave the country on the 14th.

On his 1st day in the city, Roger Federer will take part in a tennis clinic for the disadvantaged children in Tigre and will participate in a benefit “asado” dinner where proceeds will be given to “Tigre Educa” scholarship program.

Exhibition matches is scheduled on December 12 and 13 which will take place in Tigre next to the Puerto de Frutos where the opener’s 20,000 tickets were believed to be sold-out in just 6 hours.

But before the Federer-Del Potro match, Jose Luis Clerc and his eternal rival, Guillermo Vilas, will serve as the curtain-raiser of the program.

Clerc was part of the organization of the event who convinced Federer to come to Argentina. It wasn’t easy but Roger wanted to come to South America, to Colombia and also Brazil.

“As a former tennis player, I cannot believe we will be able to see Federer playing in Argentina. I consider this event as the greatest possible available in our country. Great musicians have come here such as Paul Mc Cartney, Guns and Roses and the Rolling Stones. For me, John Lennon comes on December 12,” said Clerc comparing Federer with the late Beatle.

The stadium as well as the hard court will be especially built for these matches. “We received the exhibition between Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi last year and it was a good experience but we expect this year’s event will be even better,” said Massa.

We were told that other exhibitions are believed to be arranged previously in order to give a better performance, but in this case it will be different. “Del Potro told me that it is very difficult to fix a match and that both of them always want to win. There are no special conditions in the contract. It will be a true match,” said Marín.

So, we’ll be expecting another dose of Olympics, Basel and World Tour Finals rematch here, for sure!


Read what Roger Federer said during his radio interview to AM 910 Radio Network about coming to Argentina here:


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